A venture design studio.

Startups have the profound ability to improve the world. Our purpose is to help them do it better and faster. Great design has proven to be a game-changer for young companies. As the first of its kind venture design studio, Greenstart brings great design to startups.


We partner at the deepest level. Our team is passionate and stacked with successful entrepreneurs and designers, who have decades of experience. We join the startups we work with and move at their speed to accomplishing great work.


Designing a business model that scales, a user experience that delights, and a brand that resonates is difficult but vital for any startup. We’re passionate about applying the emerging craft of startup design to startups who are improving the world.






Business Model Design

The foundation of a successful startup is a business model that scales. Our methods help companies uncover insights that can influence revenue models, validate product-market fit, and reveal entirely new opportunities.


Design Research

Getting out into the field to understand your customers’ needs and wants is the foundation for a winning company. By connecting with real customers, we test your assumptions and unearth new possibilities.



Interaction Design

Best-in-class products are useful, engaging, and simple. We design seamless interactions that turn users into evangelists.


User Experience Design

Every touchpoint of a product or service is an opportunity to delight the user. We map every moment and design it to accomplish a specific purpose. Weaving these moments together leads to an outstanding, memorable experience.


Brand Strategy

At the heart of a brand is the reason the company exists. Our process helps teams build internal clarity and alignment around a singular and compelling vision. Truth becomes power.


Graphic Design

A visual image is often the first touchpoint between a potential customer and a company. We use graphic design to build credibility, deliver clear messages and bring brands to life.




From brand truth comes the opportunity to craft creative expressions that captivate your most important stakeholders. Verbal, visual, and video stores are critical to sharing who you are and what value you offer to the world.


Startup Strategy

Building a startup isn’t like running a regular company. From sales to finance to team building, we bring battle-tested wisdom garnered from years in the trenches ourselves.